We are dealers for most AED brands

When shopping for an AED there are several factors to consider.  Our experience actually operating AEDs in real-life emergency situations provides us with the knowledge and skills to best recommend the AED for your particular workplace and budget.

Each AED operates in the same basic way, but not all AEDs are the same.  Some models have two sets of pads (the stickers that are applied to the patient’s chest).  One set is for the adult and one set is for the child.  Other models have one-size-fits all pads that use a key, or adapter, to tell the machine to reduce the charge for a child patient.

Some AEDs have a higher up front cost, but less expensive routine maintenance and accessory replacement costs.  Other AEDs have lower up front costs with higher accessory costs.

There are usually three basic types of AEDs:

  1. Wall mounted (least expensive, less durable, little use..but still good AEDs…….libraries, business offices, etc.) $1000-1500 each
  2. Portable (mid-range price, more durable, occasional use…… guards, gyms, construction sites, etc.) $1500-2000 each
  3. Professional grade (most expensive, very durable, daily use……..first responders, fire departments, police departments $2000 and up

As you can see, there are several questions that need to be answered before purchasing an AED to determine which one is the best match for your workplace and budget.  Please feel free to contact our office so we can help advise you in the purchase of one of the most significant life saving tools ever invented!

$$$ Total package delivered to you is as low as $1100 $$$

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